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Comparing Impossible & Beyond

A couple months ago I did a blind taste test between plant-based meat and real meat. Last night, my family and I did a comparison between Impossible meat and Beyond meat.

To start off, I compared the color and texture of the two uncooked plant-based meats. Impossible had a dense texture with a red color. Beyond meat had a much different texture because of the white wafer like balls in the meat; the wafers gave the meat a crunchier texture. Beyond meat also had a much darker brown color.

The first step was to ball the meat into patty shapes, the patties were a little more thick then regular meat patties.

I grilled the patties on each side for five minutes. Before I noticed the two different brands were different colors, but after they were grilled they turned into a dark brown red color.

Even though the cooked outside looks the same, the inside of the burgers was visually different. On the left is Impossible and on the right is beyond. You can see the white wafers cooked in the Beyond burger.

My family, who are meat eaters, decided they liked the Impossible burger better. Their reasoning was, impossible had a more real meat like dense texture and tasted more similar. Me, as the only vegetarian, decided I liked the Beyond meat more. Even though the flavor wasn’t as similar to real meat, I personally thought the flavor was better. I also enjoyed the crunch of the wafers inside the Beyond patty.

In the end, both of these burgers were delicious and super easy to grill in a cookout. I strongly encourage you to buy both brands, compare, pick one (or both) and support that company!

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